Accelerate job creation and entrepreneurship, and create long-term, regional economic impact by offering clients access to a broad network of specialized resources. This is accomplished through efficient, personalized growth strategies that streamline the entrepreneur’s path to success.

What we are

We are a dynamic and vibrant community that house a variety of IT business projects supported by professional office team and excellent facilities. AKIKA Beehive is an innovation platform that connect various entities and technology in order to look for digital solutions to current business, government and social changes.


  • Provide equal opportunity between men and women in ICT space.
  • The digital gap between men and women is widening, Akika-BeeHive will bridging women ICT gap.
  • Empowering female through ICT
  • about


    AKIKA-BEEHIVE is a place where creative and dedicated people meet to share ideas to gather information and mostly to inspire and get inspired by others.

    • Fintech
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Software programming
    • Internet of things
    • Cloud computing
    • Machine learning
    • AI Robotics
    • Blockchain and cryptocurrency
    • Cyber Security

    What We Do

    Aims to develop an innovation business network that will bridge the worlds of enterprises and governments to stimulate innovation, & enrich the experience of startups in Rwanda.


    The aim is to generate a large quantity of ideas that the team can then filter and cut down into the best, most innovative for inspiring new and better design solutions.


    The aim is to outline the background, context and need for the project, the project's objectives, expected results and resources required.


    The project design phase might generate a variety of different outputs, including sketches, flowcharts, site trees, HTML screen designs, prototypes and more.


    Project development methodology aims to provide planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling the resources to accomplish specific goals.


    This is what our customers said about our new project which Akika-Beehive for creating digital solutions.

    I am very proud to be called Akikan the place where I am boosting my knowldge and improve my skills by making practical,furthermore by enteracting with others.


    I am very excited to strive my goal in the Akika-BeeHive by getting hands on hands experience and sharing with expertises and strong enterpreneurs.


    As an Entrepreneur its my pleasure to join Akika-BeeHive, I strongly believe that something which is impossible can be possible using technology.