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Akika-BeeHive supports the different entities in the technology for putting together hands on hands experiences and skills from different category among the Rwandan People through the technology.

In order to be called an Akikan you must complete eight months(8) so that we can give you test and conclude that you deserve to become an Akikan .
To have high school certificate
Passionate about Technology the more you like something the more you do it better
Must be 18 or older to be admitted and make agreements with you
National identity card or passpoart that represent the country that you are come from.
You will not pay this program whover,there is fees that you will pay for more facilitation so that program can going smoothly as time is going on.
The first come the first serve .We are expecting over one hundred participants in all categories we need to create a strong membership that are passionate about technology and willing to share their skills and hands on hands experiences.
We have aime to be busy as bees,through this object as an Akikan we start from 8:00 AM up 5:00PM from Monday up Friday in addition it mandatory to attend.
To be specialised in technology and be able to share hands on hands experiences with others .